Apple iPhone 5S to launch June 20, go on sale July: report

iPhoneApple iPhone 5S will go on sale on sometime in July, after a lavish unveiling on June 20th as per reports coming from Japan. Although it does not acknowledge where it got its information, MacFan reports that the launch event has been set, with the device going on sale a couple weeks later.

In its report on the matter, Electronista calls the rumor “plausible” and it definitely goes along with a number of other speculation presented in recent weeks. A launch in June would see Apple come back to the summer launch routine for the 1st time in 3 years. For the last 2 years, the firm has previewed is at WWDC in June, before launching it and a new iPhone in the autumn.

The iPhone 4S released in October, while last year’s iPhone 5 came in September. This followed 3 straight June unveils for the device, which 1st arrived in January 2007.

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