Apple iPhone 5C to Ditch Siri, Replace iPhone 4S

With almost 4 weeks until Apple’s reported iPhone event, the speculation show no sign of slowing down, with one analyst indicating that a cheaper iPhone will drop Siri and ultimately replace the iPhone 4S. In a Monday note to investors, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster mentioned that Apple would “exclude some software features, like Siri” on its low cost iPhone, dubbed by some as the iPhone 5C.


Siri debuted on the iPhone 4S and has since extended to the iPhone 5 and iPad. Munster didn’t explain on why Siri might be on the chopping block, though it might be required if Apple goes with a lower-power chip. Finally, “we believe it may make sense for [Apple] to discontinue the 4S product altogether and use the 5C as the low end phone in the product line,” Munster said.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone 4 was very popular during the quarter among first-time smartphone purchasers. With carrier subsidies, many people can get the older iPhone at no cost. Munster mentioned the iPhone 5C will retail for $300, though that is likely the unlocked, unsubsidized version.

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