iPhone 5 to launch mid-September with ‘nano-sim’: sources

Well the wait for Apple iPhone 5 seems to be over soon. iPhone 5 is predicted to release mid-September.

With a latest feature of ‘nano-sim’ and a new 19 pin power and control connector on its base as opposed to the 30 pin connector which was 1st launched with the third-generation iPod in April 2003.

iPhone 5 will also include features including 4G mobile broadband ability but this would be only compatible in America. With the nano-sim card feature, Apple will be the 1st key maker to use it. Its layout 40 % smaller than the micro-sim used in other mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia range.

The estimated demand for iPhone 5 will be higher as many Smartphone customers are looking for an upgrade or just want to be one of those lucky iPhone customers. A contract maker Pegatron has reportedly started making  iPhone 5 in its Shanghai factory and is also making new iPad models for a third-quarter shipment date. This fresh design for the iPhone has been much anticipated. A year ago with the announcement of a latest model release for the iPhone 4S was postponed; there’s a remarkable dip that was seen in its sales.

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