Apple iPhone 5 sales not affected by Maps app issues

ChangeWave Research, a company that regularly conducts surveys on customer spending, has found that issues related to Apple’s new Maps app and the new Lightning port haven’t had no effect on an iPhone 5 sale.

In a survey of 4,300 people, 90 Percent of iPhone 5 users said they “haven’t experienced any problem” with Apple’s Maps app. Only 3% of iPhone 5 customers called the Maps app an extremely serious problem.

1 in 3 persons said they’re likely to purchase the latest iPhone 5, with 20 % saying they’re “very likely” and 13 % “somewhat likely.” As for the fresh Lightning connector, 31 Percent mentioned the accessory was “somewhat of an issue.” 6 Percent called the different connector a “very serious problem,” and only 26 Percent said it was “no issue at all.”

“Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps problems and the Apple Lightning port concern, neither had had an effect on the significant numbers of customers queuing up to purchase the iPhone 5,” ChangeWave’s VP of Research, Dr. Paul Carton, said in a statement.

“Rather, the survey results both show both problems not really rank as bumps in the road.” The survey also revealed that 61 Percent of those questioned revealed that they’d no need to change to a new phone because their present phone was sufficient.



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