Apple iPhone 5 might get 3D camera

As per to a patent released a while back by Patently Apple, Apple might be focusing on a new 3D camera that could likely be used in a forthcoming iPhone, the next iPad and any other potential unit including a standalone camera.

Given the superbly sharp graphical ability of the Retina Displays on numerous iOS products, it would make sense to allow the units to capture 3D images as the photos will be admired even more on a screen like that.

As per PatentlyApple, which has a complete list of the probable camera should it be developed, the unit would be able to features such as facial and gesture identification. Although it is just a patent and the fact remains that nothing might even come to fruition from it, there isn’t anything bad with the intriguing thought of either a 3D camera on iOS or even one that stands alone.

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