Apple iPhone 5 may use in-cell touch panel display

There’s been a couple of fresh rumors surrounding the launch of Apple iPhone 5 as of late. We’d just heard about the possibility of the next iPhone having a latest ‘liquid metal’ casing, which would make the uni-body outer casing slimmer and lighter, thus allowing for more equipment to get packed inside without it getting too heavy for one’s flexibility.

This would keep things consistent from Apple claims with every latest iPhone or iOS product that they’re ‘thinner’, ‘lighter’ and ‘faster’. Helping Apple keep those claims for the iPhone 5 release likely in Q3 2012, the most recent rumor coming from within Apple’s supply chain, is that the iPhone 5 will move to a fresh “in-cell” touch panel display. This new display concept is lighter and slimmer than the Retina displays previously utilized in iPhone designs. Again, this will make it much easier to pack the inside of the casing with more equipment, without worrying about the total body weight of the iPhone.

The present displays in the iPhone 4 and 4S involves a layer of sensing glass on the outside of an inner LCD screen. This capacitive touch screen makes it heavier as it has 2 layers and an extra step in the assembly line. Going to the single layer in-cell touch panel would remove a step in production as well, speeding up the developing process. When you produce 30 million iPhone units, saving 2 seconds becomes a great amount.

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