Apple iPhone 5 could feature ultra-thin display with brand new touchscreen technology

Apple iPhone 5 could feature a brand new technology inside of it that would enhance its touchscreen display capabilities. Brian White, an expert from Topeka Capital Markets, issued a a useful research note today that pointed out a vital drop in sales at Wintek, Apple’s long-time supplier that has produced the display touch panels for all iOS gadgets. In fact, White says its the steepest drop in shipments on record.

Several may think that this means there’s a supply problem, but White believes that it’s evidence Apple is moving on from Wintek and that technology. He reveals Apple is moving to in-cell touch sensing concept in its next-generation iOS devices. Wintek reported consolidated June sales of $5.22 billion – down 33.6 % from the previous June. Previously, over fifty percent of total Wintek Sales was thanks in part to Apple, who was churning out millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

The iPhone 5 has been seriously rumored to be introduced in Oct with a bigger, 4-inch screen, 4G LTE cellular service, a smaller dock and a better processor. There’s been little discuss a change in its touch screen technology, but the move does make sense on a couple fronts. Apple’s iPhone 5 is likely to not just be taller, but possibly slimmer.

In-cell concept allows for slimmer displays. Wintek didn’t innovate their displays and they could likely be losing a big chunk of Apple’s business.

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