Apple iPhone 5 became world’s top selling smartphone in February

iPhone 5A freshly released report indicated that Apple’s most recent iPhone reclaimed the title of top-selling smartphone on earth last quarter, and the famous mobile reportedly retained its momentum in the U.S. recently.

Canaccord Genuity expert T. Michael Walkley released his monthly smartphone sales reports for the month of February early Monday morning, and he discovered that Apple’s iPhone 5 was the best-selling smartphone at each of the 3 main U.S. carriers where the phone is sold. At AT&T (T), which sells more smartphones compared to other U.S. wireless company, the iPhone 5 topped Samsung’s Galaxy S III and the Nokia Lumia 920, which is remarkably still AT&T’s No.3 smartphone as per Walkley.

The iPhone 5 also took top billing ahead of Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II at Verizon (VZ), and it beats out the same 2 Smartphones at Sprint (S). At T-Mobile, the top-three handsets were the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II and the Nexus 4.

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