Apple iPhone 4 bursts into smoke

iPhone 4There have been lots of bursting phone stories in the past, and today it looks like we’ve got one more to add to the mix. Mashable at present published an article describing the experience of a lady who had her iPhone 4 “burst into smoke” while she was sleeping in a hotel room. The iPhone 4 was plugged into an Apple charger on the nightstand next to the bed when early in the morning she woke up to a odd smell and seen sizzling and popping noises from the mobile. As the room filled up with fumes, she utilized her notebook case to pick up the phone and throw it into the hotel room basin.

It wasn’t pointed out what caused the iPhone to act this way, but it certain seems like a issue with the phone’s battery as opposed to a issue with the device. Such making problems are bound to happen, particularly when you take into account how countless iPhones Apple has sold.

Reportedly when she informed Apple about the experience, they rejected to openly admit the incident to other iPhone users (though they did give her an alternative iPhone 4) – hence her bringing the tale to Mashable.

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