Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch release date could be postponed to 2015

A lot of the buzz that the device has been made is because of the rumored 12.9-inch screen with a 4K resolution that the device would be supposedly sporting. It’s very likely that Apple would have to scale the 4K resolution similar to the Retina resolution it has been used on the iPad Air and the iPad Mini as without any kind of scaling, this type of resolution would be very high for a nearly 13-inch screen to manage.


Resolutions like 4K are resolved normally seen in cinema projectors and flat screen TVs. The benefit of using this kind of resolution on such a small device would mean that everything on the device would appear extraordinary. Yet another report hints that Apple wouldn’t be using either the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 or 3 and its alliance with the glass making giant has been on the brink of coming to an end due to sapphire.

Sapphire glass is a new kind of glass, reportedly tougher than concrete, which will be seen in the upcoming iPhone and possibly in the iPad Pro as well. Now the iPad Pro would deliver along with the iOS 8 on it but with speculation of the device getting postponed to 2015, it is possible that may be seeing the iOS 9 on the device at that time.

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