Apple ipad 3 might be more costly than the iPad 2

ipad 3The iPad 3 from Apple is more or less going to be the most discussed gadget sometime early next month, as it is rumored to be released this coming March 7th in San Francisco.

The Retina Display for this certain tablet has already been validated, and now we’ve word that the iPad 3 could actually cost more than the iPad 2 – as per a costs sheet that seemed on Chinese microblog Sina Weibo.

Buyers might see the iPad 3 that commands an $80 expensive over the iPad 2 for Wi-Fi enabled designs, and the equivalent 3G designs will cost $70 more. No idea if the public will see this value raise as a small speedbump in their quest to bring home the latest and greatest. Would your buy decision be suffering from a cost raise?

If the rumored value raise were to be true, you can be certain that the Android camp is going to be pleased – since newer Android-operated tablets aren’t exactly super costly, although they do pack in more technology than ever before.

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