Apple iPad 3 housing reveals internal changes

AppleA purported Apple iPad 3 back casing has turned up at Repair Labs, matching up with numerous changes Apple is rumored to be developing for the next generation of the company’s profitable tablet.

Among the information provided by the metal housing is a new, smaller design for the internal logic board. This would indicate that the present A5 processor-based logic board would be ditched, possibly for a new model based on an A6 processor.

The smaller size of the logic board unveil more room that Apple may use for an extended battery. We also see a retooled space for the rear camera, as well as a latest fitting for the LCD panel. This latest casing is reportedly no thicker than the present iPad model, in spite of rumors that the iPad 3 may measure a little bit thicker than the iPad 2 in order to accommodate a better quality screen.

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