Apple Hit With $2 Billion Patent Breach Lawsuit

Apple has been charged for $2 Billion by the German firm, IPCom, due to claimed patent infringements. The patent is for cell phones giving priority to urgent calls over a mobile network. IPCom bought the patent from Robert Bosch, a German vehicle parts maker.


Seeing as this technology has existed in cell phones for a while, and almost every phone uses the feature, it is difficult to see IPCom as having a real shot at getting an amount anywhere close to what they are asking for in the lawsuit. It seems to be a quite clear case of patent trolling, which is seriously used in the client technology space.

This isn’t the very first occasion, however, that this patent has been brought up in courts. Nokia has also been charged by IPCom, along with other mobile phone makers. HTC, Vodafone, Ericsson, Nokia, and Apple have all earlier tried to get this patent considered invalid by the European Patent Office.

IPCom calls for $2.12 Billion from Apple for the patent violation. Apple has not been reached for comment on the lawsuit, but the Cupertino-based firm’s legal team likely is not sweating principal points.

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