Apple Fans See More Video Than Android Users

The latest mobile phone survey shows that Apple iPhone customers are more likely to see videos on their mobile phones than Android customers. Ooyala reports that 67 % of iOS customers seen videos on their smartphones whereas 33 % of Android customers did. It’s vital to mention that Ooyala isn’t measuring the web video from all sources, they only include the videos from their own services and web player.

However, Ooyala does manage a lot of video with 200 million visitors throughout the world, so their results most likely offers some clout.It’s also vital to understand that this particular distance will most likely close over time. These specific outcomes are from last year. As more tech customers choose Android smartphones over iPhones, this distance should narrow. What this report doesn’t reveal is why iPhone customers are more likely to see videos than Android customers.

Perhaps, iPhone owners buy their phones for entertainment reasons or maybe is making it easier to view videos than some Android operating-system. It’s correct that Android comes in a number of smartphones, many of which lack the right technology and/or lag when buffering.

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