Apple blocks vacation dates for workers

AppleThere comes a moment in life when you require to bleed for your firm, and if you’re an Apple worker, next month is one of those times. It appears that rom Oct 9th through the 12th, and on Oct 14th and 15th, you won’ t be in a position to take a holiday vacation – and generally this happens only when something large is looming on the horizon, which we’re considering jives to the tune of the iPhone 5.

In fact, Apple is likely to require just about anybody and everybody available to manage the purported swarm of eager beaver clients who need to be early adopters. Since there’re 2 blocks of blackout dates, they definitely won’t indicate the release of the iPhone 5 twice – meaning one of them will have something to do with the unreleased iOS 5, which will be in moment for the iPhone 5 if our traditional recollection of what Apple did previously is right.

Boo hoo to those born on those days and are doing work at Apple – you might not be in a position to enjoy as planned.

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