Apple Beats Samsung in its own country

AppleThe Korea Herald is confirming that the Apple iPad has sold over one million models in South Korea since its release on November 30, 2010. The iPad 2 was launched in the country on April 29, 2011.The paper reports that a lot of early adopters in South Korea imported their iPads so the real number of iPads in the country is possibly much larger.

An appealing figure is that 2 in 3 iPads sold in South Korea were the Wi-Fi only units. It just goes to show you that lots of owners in the country don’t want to be connected to a data plan from cellular carriers. The iPad’s share of the Korean market is at 70 to 80 %. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab likely wishes it could be as well-known.

With the upcoming launch of the iPad 3, it’s going to get even sadder for Android tablet market shares everywhere. Thinking about that Apple and Samsung have been at war over patents and units for the past yr, this sales new is likely not going to make things any better between the 2 tech leaders.

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  • frisbete

    Samsung is going to be leader on the Asia Android market I think ..