Apple banned the use of harmful chemicals in iPhone production

Apple declared the banning of 2 harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks. Benzene and n-hexane are identified for their nasty effects, the most harmful of them being cancer and nerve hurt. Even if their outcomes were identified for a few time, showing their link to the different cases of users becoming ill was never easy, generally because the 2 chemicals are used in the manufacturing of several other objects, apart from smartphones and laptops.


Users aren’t the only ones affected by the 2, the risk of becoming ill is also massive for ordinary employees that get in contact with the chemicals while assembling the devices. Taking all these in concern, Apple decided to ban the use of benzene and n-hexane from its factories, thus protecting both the employees and the future users of their devices. The announcement was made recently, as Apple expressed its concern about the harmful effect these chemicals have upon its employees, and stopped their use in upcoming devices assembly. Before the official banning, Apple has done long-term testing in all its 22 factories, and even if the outcomes showed nothing faulty, none of the employees being damaged in any way by the 2 chemicals, the Apple moved on with the ban.

A few months ago, Apple was petitioned to quit the use of benzene and n-hexane in devices assembly. The application came from China Labor Watch and Green America, both saying benzene can cause cancer, leukemia to be more exact, while the n-hexane is often connected with various chases of nerve hurt. Apple did prohibit the use of the 2 chemicals, but only in the last phases of assembly. Still, the chemicals will be utilized in the early production stages.

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