Android overtakes iOS as most widely used tablet operating system

Android is currently the most used operating system for tablet gadgets along with 62 % of the industry, increase from 46 % in the year 2012. Fresh statistics from the research company Gartner indicate that Apple’s iOS share dropped to 36 % in 2013, in comparison to 52 % a year before as low-end smaller sized display tablets and first-time customers selected Android-powered products over iPads.


As per Gartner, globally tablet sales increased 68 % last season along with sales of Android products up 127%. “In 2013, tablets became a mainstream phenomenon, with a vast choice of Android-based tablets being within the budget of mainstream consumers while still offering adequate specifications,” said Roberta Cozza, research director at the research company. Gartner experts mentioned rising markets recorded progress of 145 % in the year 2013, while mature markets increased 31 %.

Microsoft’s share of the market enhanced previous season, but its share stays small at simply 2.1 %. This marks an increase of 1.1 % in 2012.

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