Amped Wireless improves Wi-Fi range nearly 1.5 miles

1.5 mls – that is undoubtedly various range when you speak about a wireless signal. Actually, resorts and different public areas that need to offer Wi-Fi connection will undoubtedly scramble to read all about Amped Wireless, where the firm has presented a 600mW amplifier and a high-gain bi-directional aerial in the form of its SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater – and so far, Amped Wireless says this small gadget is capable of increasing the range of your Net signals by up to a huge 1.5 mls.

Apart from that, the gadget will also sport a few additional network ports for other gadgets. Clearly this is a gadget that was built to cater for great buildings, or even for reasons that need lots of area surrounding. As for the AP600EX Pro Access Point, this specific puppy can perform sitting silently and obediently on the end of a ” cable ” system while performing a similar feature for building-to-building links. No matter of which design you buy, they’ll come with a 30-foot power-over-Ethernet wire will charge $180 a piece.

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  • noor

    Is it available in Pakistan? tell me I am interested in buying one for my home