Alleged iPhone 6 seen completely assembled and compared to iPhone 5s in new leak

A number of reports have claimed that Apple iPhone 6 is entering mass manufacturing and all know what that means: more leaks. With manufacturing ramping up at Foxconn and part production in full swing at Apple’s other associates, likely entering a period where new leaks will pop up just about each and every day. For Apple lovers who can’t wait to get their hands on the iPhone 6, these leaks will show you exactly what to anticipate.

Supposed iPhone 6

For those who would rather be surprised this autumn, it might be a good option to shut off your internet service for a couple of months. To start off this next phase of iPhone leaks, a Weibo user has released pictures of a completely assembled iPhone 6.The internal parts clearly haven’t been assembled within the smartphone, but Weibo user DreamerJimmy has seemingly managed to safe all external iPhone 6 components. As such, his pictures may give us our first look at Apple’s next-generation iPhone as seen it when take it out of the box following its release this drop.

Of note, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin, also known as DreamerJimmy, leaked pictures of both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini before the devices released in 2012. Seen in the picture is the new larger housing, the metal Apple logo insert on the back, the rear camera unit and LED flash, the front panel with its LCD display, the home button and color-matched metal ring surrounding it, and all of the buttons on the sides of the smartphone. The brand new shape of the smartphone matches previously leaks exactly. The new iPhone is also shown upcoming to Apple’s iPhone 5s for comparison.

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