Alleged iPhone 6 sapphire crystal screen resists knife attack in video

The Apple iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal screen that can resist the serious attempts to fold, shatter or scratch it, as per a video apparently showing the new handset’s display. The video posted by technology commentator Marques Brownlee, seems to show the front display cover being subjected to a range of intense force tests.

Alleged iPhone 6

Brownlee says the super-strong show remains unmarked even after continual attempts to bend it, twist it and scrape it with keys and knives. Apple has invested over half a billion dollars in very scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which has earlier been used in small quantities for the iPhone 5S camera lens. As per a few reports, sapphire crystal can survive undamaged even after being rubbed against concrete. An Apple news site claimed earlier this season that the firm was gearing up manufacturing in order to produce enough of the material to use it for the entire screen on its new handset.

“Apple just procured enough sapphire crystal furnace to make 100-200 million five-inch iPhone displays in Arizona,” the report said. Sapphire crystal is more costly than the “gorilla glass” used by Apple for earlier iPhone screens, top several experts to suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with a high price tag than earlier versions.

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