Alleged iPhone 6 front panel side-by-side with iPhone 5

A pair of pictures making waves on the web over the past couple of days looks to confirm that the next line of iPhones, the iPhone 6, will have a bigger screen than any of its predecessors. The photos comes from what appears to be a factory, and show a female hoping up an iPhone 5s next to a much bigger front panel in one while the other picture is a top-down view of the panel next to a turned on iPhone 5/5s.

Supposed iPhone 6

The detached panel has clear characteristics that look like the iPhone brand including, but not limited to, spaces for a home button, ear speaker and front-facing camera. This has led several to feel that this is in fact the front panel to the unannounced new phone.  iPhone 6 is likely to be disclosed at the company’s annual developer meeting in San Franciso from June 2-6.  The most recent intel seen on the iPhone 6 indicates that Apple is releasing 2 designs of the device this season, one that has a 4.7-inch screen that’s set to launch in the 3rd quarter and one that has a 5.5-inch screen that will launch in the 4th quarter.

Other recent reports about the greater iPhone 6 reveal that it will be much thinner than present iPhones and will have much smaller side bezels so that you’ll be able to have a giant screen that you’ll also be able to easily hold in your hand.

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