Alleged iPhone 6 Battery Show 1,810 mAh Capacity

The present iPhone, the iPhone 5S arrives along with a 1560 mAh battery and heard rumors earlier that the iPhone 6 would get a a little bit later battery of near 1900 mAh. Now a new battery has turned up, which is rumored to be for the new iPhone 6, and this can be seen in the picture below, it features an ability of 1810 mAh.


Apple are estimated to release a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5 inch phone, this new 1,810 mAh battery is possibly for the 4.7 inch model of the device, earlier heard that the 5.5 inch device would get a larger battery of near 2500 mAh. With these new larger screens on the iPhone 6, the new phone would be estimated to use more power than the present iPhone 5S, although Apple may have made a few changes to battery usage for their new smartphone.

The battery life on the new iPhone 6 anticipate to be similar to that of the present iPhone 5S, if you take into account the larger screen and also the larger battery. The next generation iPhone is rumored to go on sale on the 19th of September, it is not clear as yet on whether this day will be for both models of the phone of for just the 4.7 inch version of Apple’s new iPhone.

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