Alleged iPhone 5S Photos Show Dual-LED Flash, Bigger Battery

Alleged iPhoneNearly a year has passed since Apple introduced the iPhone 5, and so starts the seemingly never-ending barrage of iPhone 5S speculation. Recently, it’s noted Sharp might begin manufacturing iPhone 5S panels in June, and if a few blurry photos published by MacRumors prove true, the next iPhone includes a dual-LED flash.

MacRumors doesn’t show the source of the photos, however the layout of a supposed iPhone 5S does more or less appear like the iPhone 5. However, the processor chip doesn’t denote whether it’s another A6 chip–or better. But the battery is labeled as 5.92Whr, much better in capacity over the 5.45Whr battery found in the iPhone 5.

While the black, metal backplate shown in the supposed iPhone 5S photos looks almost just like the iPhone 5 model, there is one major difference. As earlier rumored, the flash cutout appears elongated, meaning dual-LED flash could be making its way to the iPhone 5S. The present rumor mill has Apple launches the iPhone 5S in August.

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