Alleged ‘iPhone 5S’ batteries shown on assembly line

iPhoneThe image was released on Friday by, and is just the most recent in a series of leaks claiming to show parts from Apple’s so-called iPhone 5S. The company is widely anticipated to release its upcoming iPhone in September or October, about a year after the debut of the iPhone 5.

The most recent leak allegedly shows batteries produced for the “iPhone 5S” before they have been equipped with the proper connector. The batteries are also unlabeled, so information about the ability and voltage is unidentified. While the batteries appear about the same size and shapes as the existing iPhone 5 battery, it’s difficult to judge the genuineness of the photo, as the batteries could be designed for a numerous other devices.

However, the latest influx of part leaks claimed to be for iPhone 5S e claim that suppliers are ramping up in preparation for full-scale manufacturing of the device. To date, leaked parts have recommended the internals of the iPhone 5S will only be a little bit modified from their predecessor

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