Alleged First-Gen iPhone Model Sold Online For $1,500

Back in 2007, Apple introduced a product that changed the global smartphone industry. It’s the first iPhone, introduced by the late Steve Jobs himself, which went on to perform wonderfully in the worldwide market. Subsequent iPhones developed on the success of the first-generation smartphone.


That device was famous, to say that least. Recently a alleged pre-production model of the 1st generation iPhone was listed on eBay by a seller based in Australia. The device was initially sold for $1,500. The seller doesn’t point out how this pre-production model was received but claims that its being sold to reduce his collection. Its explained in the listing as a “very rare original iPhone engineering prototype.”

Accompanying photos show a non-standard edition of iOS installed on the unit, one that has earlier been seen on similar pre-production models that surfaced in the past. Through the software a user is able to test the different hardware functions of the iPhone. On the rear housing all GSM bands that this iPhone backed are etched, along with signal strength values of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios found within in the unit itself.

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