A8 Chip Production for iPhone 6 Underway: Report

The iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and retina iPad mini 2 are all likely to release in the autumn this season with completely new chips. The reasonable next move is to the notice the A8 chip this season, and as per Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Apple has presently begun manufacturing.


Apple has called their new chip partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to begin designing the A8 chip, and TSMC has allegedly begun their 1st manufacturing runs.  The A8 chip is likely to carry on the 64-bit architecture of the A7 chip, but now in 20-nanometer form along with quad core graphics. If the start date is accurate, then it would be before than last season, and allow Apple to have a few freedom to be prepared to fulfill needs for a autumn release of their new iPhones and iPads.

All earlier A chips from A4-A7 were designed by Samsung, but they’re slipped this season because of small yields of the A8 chip. The outcome is that TSMC will be the sole producer, and it helps Apple get their chip manufacturing to a non-competitive supplier. All fully understand the A8 chip is arriving, it’s just an issue of what form it will be inside with the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and retina iPad mini 2.

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