2 GB Key Flash Drive

keyflashdriveAre you currently some of those folks who see it difficult to leave their function behind? Still importing and downloading files while you move about? You may also function as the custodian of very sensitive details that you simply sense challenged to exit behind ad would prefer to always have you. If you have, the two Gigabyte Key Memory Stick will become the perfect new companion. You are able to save much info on it in the rate up to 30MB/s (200X) bandwith speed. It’s completely suitable for both Flash 2.0 and 1.1 and it is powered by USB bus this means that no outer power source is needed.

In addition, you can even add music and movies in it so that all your requirements and also favs are always where you stand in condition of a 6 gram small key which is waterproof and can last you a great 10 years.

So if you are a workaholic, students who’s continuously searching for use a number of reading substance to have through, or one with private details you will prefer to preserve special, you’ll discover this excellent. And probability of losing it when it is directly on your key ring are minimal.

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