1.2 billion cell phone apps were downloaded in last week of 2011

With almost 7 million latest Android phones and iPhones activated on Christmas Day, an app-downloading craze was a foregone conclusion. Flurry reports that a mixed total of 1.2 billion apps were down loaded during the vacation week between December 25-31. That compares to generally 750,000 cell phone applications down loaded every week earlier in December, or a 60 % jump.

This is the first occasion app downloads surpassed the 1 billion level in one week. About little lower than a quarter of those applications (242 million) were down loaded on Christmas Day itself. Folks download a number of apps when they first activate their cell phones, and then add more as they discover latest apps. But that initial week the downloading process is at a peak while people are still keen to play their latest gadgets.

The geographic break down is also notable, with the U.S accounting for almost half of all downloads (509 million), followed by China (99 million), and the Britain (81 million). Then Canada, Germany, and France all came in at close to 49 million.

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