YouTube Changes Videos to WebM Format

youtube-logoApproximately 1 year before Google released its open source WebM video file format, now the time is correct for YouTube to start transcoding videos in to this latest format. People by YouTube already are tough working on changing of all famous videos on YouTube website to  WebM, and based on them, it entirely possible that about 30 % among all videos are already  changed to this format. Moreover, all latest videos are now instantly changed into WebM format, a video framework that’s based on VP8 codec that’s created to apply on HTML5 video.

Of course, besides new videos, YouTube is working hard to convert all of the videos on YouTube to this format, and considering the number of videos on YouTube, this process could take a while. According to YouTube, at busy upload times, new uploads will be converted, and during the less busy upload times, the system will partially focused on converting of old videos.

Google is quite determined to make WebM a leading video format on the web, will other online video sharing networks follow suit.

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