Coming Soon 5th Birthday of Twitter

TwitterBecause most people enjoy social network sites and microblogging, we believed that you want to realize that a unique microblogging services will enter its 5th year of lifetime. Obviously, we are discussing Twitter.

That’s right, Twitter started practically 5yrs ago, and today it’s the most famous microblogging services in the whole world. For its humble start, it took Twitter 3 years, 2 months including a day to realize one billion
tweets. Now, with an increase of reputation, 1 billion of tweets are sent weekly, which certainly shows such a large achievement its been. Talking about numbers, Twitter got about 4 million and sixty thousand  new accounts daily only previously month and it has been calculating regarding a hundred and forty million tweets daily. For people powering Twitter, Twitter has four hundred laborers and fifty of these were employed since January.

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