Zardari snubs Aitzaz Ahsan over questioning PPP performance

Co-Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari snubbed Senator Aitzaz Ahsan during the CEC conference recently organized in Garhi Khuda Bux when the latter started raising queries over the party’s poor governance in Sindh. When Aitzaz Ahsan raised the matter of poor governance in Sindh, he was told by Zardari that governance in the province was much better than rest of the provinces, which was decided by other party command and Aitaz Ahsan found himself isolated.


As per a member of CEC requesting privacy, when Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto was chairing the CEC conference, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said that Sindh government failed to provide according to commitments made in the party manifesto but he was given a shut up call by Asif Zardari. On this occasion, Aitzaz Ahsan told the meeting that Chairman Bilwal Bhutto should lead the youth of the country not just Sindh province. Sources quoted Aitzaz Ahsan while saying that PPP command was enjoying power in Sindh but the leaders and workers of Punjab were suffering due to insufficient interaction with the top party command.

Aitzaz Ahsan urged the PPP top command to take action for restructuring the party in the biggest province of the country on a crisis basis. Asif Ali Zardari while responding to Aitzaz Ahsan’s observations said that governance in Sindh was quite better than other provinces.

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