Zardari not interested in electoral coalition

PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira said it was too early for the party to show any certain strategy, only revealing “of course we realise that contesting the elections single-handedly won’t be a pretty simple thing.” However, close aides say the PPP might look into seat adjustments with other groups.

Sources say that the president is aware that his party might not be in a position to win a vast majority in Parliament all by itself. He, however, is still wary of entering into an coalition with any of the parties presently in the ruling coalition. PPP politicians say that the party will look into seat adjustments in different constituencies instead. One of the senior PPP people mentioned the party, for example, will not fight against MQM in a Karachi constituency. “It is also possible that PPP and MQM will try to eliminate a 3rd party in a certain constituency to contest it out amongst themselves.”

According to Sources, PPP might go for seat adjustment with the MQM in Karachi, ANP and JUI-F in Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and PML-Q in Punjab. But PPP’s cooperation with the ANP in K-P would not mean that they are also allies in other areas as well. The source mentioned the PPP could have an adjustment with another party for an NA seat, but could fight against the same party for a provincial constituency.

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