Veena Malik Getting Married With Ashmit Patel

According to sources Veena Malik getting married with Ashmit Patel. Cross-Border marriages are in fashion these days.  We got the news chunk and we tried to figure it out that how far is this true that Veena really make her mind to do so. First Check out the News Paper Chunk where the news about Veena Malik Getting Married is printed.


Newspaper Chunk About Veena Malik Getting Married

Veena Malik Getting Married With Ashmet Patel

We investigate about these news either they are just rumors or they have any reality about the Veena Malik getting married with Ashmet patel We found some clues.

Here is the Veena Malik Twitter Status Screen Shots

Veena Malik on Twitter
You can see that Veena Malik is calling Ameesha Patel as her sweet friend and in other Tweet she calls her as her Littel Little Sister 🙂 There is a typo but forget it as Veena is far good then Meera in English.  The Point is that veena was trying her best be in connect with Ameesha Patel the elder sister of Ashmit Patel shows clearly her aims having interest in ahsmit patel’s family.  You can assume that Veena is really aiming towards the Cross-Border Marriage With Ashmit Patel and this time she have no arguments for defending her self in any tv talk show when she is marrying a Non Muslim. As Islam do not permit a Muslim Women marrying a Non Muslim.

Veena Malik is trying to get a home or flat in Mumbai to be settle there.  Everyone knows that in India its difficult to get a home for even Indian Muslims as many muslim actors tried in the past Emraan Hashmi & Shabana Azmi was among those Muslims so we doubt she could really get one as she is a Pakistani. We just did this small try to figure it out about this news story of Veena Malik getting Married with Ashmit Patel and rest is on you to assume either she is really going towards it or she is just trying some publicity stunts.

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