United states mulling apology over Nato strike: Report

NatoThe United States is thinking about to apologise to Pakistan for the November 26 episode that killed 24 Pakistani troops in a Nato cross-border fire, a press report mentioned on yesterday.The report also claimed that Pentagon is sending a leading general to Islamabad for discussions with the Pakistani Military command in an attempt to mend links.

“The state department is encouraging a proposal moving in the management for the America to issue an official apology for the deaths of the Pakistani troops in the November 26 air attack by American gunships,” the report claimed. As per the NYT, the US Gen James N Mattis is likely to go to Pakistan later this month to meet military chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani to talk about the investigations of Nov 26 episode as well as new border co-ordination procedures to avoid a recurrence of the incident.

The Nov 26 Nato raid resulted in an outrage in Pakistan, with the Govt instantly closing the vital Nato supply line to Afghanistan, ordered for the immediate vacation of the secret CIA base in Shamsi and asked American training personnel to leave the country. Pakistan has been asking for an apology for the episode, which the Usa has resisted so far and has been using “serious regret” for the episode that killed 24 troops.

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