Sheikh Rashid Ahmed likely to join PML-N

Well-informed sources have revealed that the warmth shown by PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and other heart-warming joint steps are signs that these will pave way for Sheikh’s rejoining of PML-N.

The experts are of the view that options for Nawaz Sharif are narrow to give vital city of Rawalpindi to somebody with the ability to get elected. Sheikh Rasheed has successful 8 of 9 elections in 30 years. This is especially of tremendous value considering that the political gang-up in Rawalpindi is aimed at beating candidates fielded by the PML-N, with 1 exception of Sheikh Rashid.

While saying that Nawaz Sharif will give the final nod, a senior politician of the PML-N opined that ‘something’ was occurring behind closed doors, and warming of hearts in the party, and it had been talked about at some stage. “However, I can’t remark on his current position. My forecast is he will be with us since several have already, while the Chaudhrys of Gujrat will be left with minnows. Most are sitting on their haunches to join us,” he described, while talking about names of numerous politicians, who had return to the ‘PML-N’ fold.

When, where and how Sheikh’s joining will happen is any person’s imagine, but the options are that Nawaz Sharif may seem at the Lal Haveli despite solid resistance from Ch Nisar Ali Khan, who’s been always controlling the political matters in the Rawalpindi Division. “Then Sheikh Rashid would be left with no option but to return to the PML-N,” looked after one of his good buddies. Also, his joining of his old friends would also mean that his faction of the Muslim League, that is, Awami Muslim League, blend into the ‘PML-N’.

In the hindsight, after having left N-League in 2002, Sheikh contested election from NAs 55 and 56 and successful as third party candidate. The political motto that he cashed on was ‘I will place both seats at Nawaz Sharif’s feet’. However, he was upset by claimed arrogant reply of the PML-N leader.

When this correspondent approached Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, he says he’d not subscribe to this because nobody from the top command of PML-N has approached him so far. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced that in politics, there’s no word as the last one. “At the All Parties’ meeting, he (Nawaz Sharif) met me in a friendly style,” he said. However, he was of the mentioned view that all groups of the Muslim League should be combined on one stage, and if it would have been done, then Nawaz Sharif would’ve benefited.

The current mayhem would have been turned aside, particularly since everyone are joining hands against PML-N,” he maintained.  While not verifying Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s rejoining, PML-N Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan revealed, if somebody attempts to forget, then there’s nothing bad in it.” He didn’t offer more remarks to this.

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  • Raheel

    I am glad to hear that sheikh rasheed ahmed is going to join pml-n,by making pml-n strong will help making ppp corrupt leadership weak.