Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed ready to resign after dollar declines

Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that he openly-heartedly likes government’s achievement to devalue the US dollar against rupee and is ready to fulfil his offer of tendering resignation from his National Assembly seat.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed praised Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s attempts for the devaluation of dollar and asked for government to give relief to public by cutting the rates of petrol and electricity by at least 10 rupees. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had repeatedly said during the live TV programs that he will step down from his National Assembly seat if govt could bring the dollar back to Rs.98 level.

Right after the major devaluation of dollar against rupee, the PML-N lawmakers have been asking Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to quit from his National Assembly seat in pursuance of his promise. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that in open market the dollar is yet being sold at Rs102.30 to Rs102.80. AML leader said that his resignation is perhaps the biggest issue for federal government and he will not wait for the next National Assembly session to step down. He said campaign is being run against him on social websites.

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