Shahbaz Sharif offers to quit if part in Raymond release

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif on Yesterday explained that he stands by his statement that if the claims against him about the discharge of Killer Raymond Davis, calling the family members of the dead person for payment of blood money or impacting on the judge were shown, he will not just step down but will also apologise to the state. He explained that the Punjab administration or PML-N participated no direct or indirect act in Davis’ discharge.

Punjab CM explained that the Punjab authorities had taken a solid position in the the courtroom on this particular matter.The CM explained that moment had come for the entire state to combine versus the drone attacks, and he combined with PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif would participate in a vanguard act in this matter.CM says that politics liberty was not achievable lacking finance freedom and there was a demand for state to position on it’s individual feet and remove the pattern of dependancy on international support.

Shahbaz Sharif stated that if the exercise of asking wasn’t left and a concept wasn’t learnt, Davis such as episodes would continue to happen.

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