Shah Mehmmod Qureshi’s brother quits PTI, rejoins PPP

Makhdoom Mureed Hussain, brother of PTI vice-chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, rejoined the PPP after the PTI turned down to assure him that he would get the ticket for PP219 in the upcoming election, which he lost to an independent nominee in 2008 election. He’d join the PTI following his brother in November last year.

As per a newspaper he made a decision to rejoin the PPP after Ex- PM Gilani had assured him that he would get the PPP ticket for the constituency. Mureed Qureshi joined Mr Gilani`s procession in Khanewal along with his followers on Sunday,.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi told the newspaper that: `I have no issues with my brother. He takes his own decisions. It’s his democratic right to join any party.

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