Separate Karachi from Pakistan if you hate our mandate says Altaf Hussain

Altaf HussainIn a respond to allegations relating to election rigging being leveled against MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad, Muttahida Qaumi Movement Leader Altaf Hussain said if the ‘establishment’ doesn’t like the mandate of his party, it should go ahead and detach it from the other country.

“Separate Karachi (from the rest of the country) if you dislike its people’s mandate,” Altaf Hussain said to the ‘establishment’ while addressing his party workers and supporters via telephone at his party’s Headquarters, Nine Zero.

He stated, ‘instead of abusing Karachi and its people, separate Karachi from Pakistan’ and warned the ‘establishment’ that they were playing with fire. “If you didn’t stop playing with fire, it would burn down the entire Pakistan,” he snapped, and at the same time added that he was not issuing any threats to anyone.

“The non-Urdu speaking people may continue to safely live in the city,” he assured.

Altaf Hussain claimed that hatred was being spread against MQM country wide and regretted that his party ends up facing blames for every wrongdoing that it never commits. “If MQM carried out rigging (in Karachi) then what made the tsunami disappear in Punjab,” he argued.


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