Senator Mushahidullah demands probe of Imran Khan’s assets

PML-N senator Mushahidullah Khan urged the NAB to probe and make public PTI chief Imran Khan’s assets. He accused Imran Khan of wrongly claiming that he had no individual residence.

“Where had his house value billions of rupees come from, and how much property tax had he paid during the past Ten years for that property?” Mushahidullah asked.

To a question, the PML-N information secretary said no sportsperson in the country had as much money as Imran Khan did, and demanded that a open and free investigations of NAB should expose the source of his wealth and bring forth the facts to the masses. He said the PTI chief had been a ally of ex- president Pervez Musharraf and had taken an active part in arranging a referendum in his favour.

Mushahidullah said Musharraf had also attempted and failed to use NAB references against Nawaz Sharif. He challenged NAB to bring forth any proof it had against the PML-N leader, adding that the Sharif family had been in business since 1947 and that they had never hidden their assets.



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