Scotland Yard finished searching Altaf Hussain resident

The Scotland Yard has completed searching MQM leader Altaf Hussain resident. As per Scotland Yard sources, they have completed searching the house of a 60 year old detainee, which was arrested 2 days ago.

Altaf Hussain

They more said that they can’t comment, when the detainee will be released from the hospital and are also not been able to give details about the inquiry process so far. They also turned down to answer about the access to Altaf Hussian asked by Pakistani High Commission in London.

However, British Govt has confirmed that Pakistani Consular has asked for to reach Altaf Hussain. On the other hand, blood test of Altaf Hussain were conducted in London Hospital. British Govt has confirmed that Pakistan has asked to approach Altaf Hussain at Consular level recently. It said that the application of Pakistani Govt is under consideration.

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