Remarks about Sharif family do not suit President: Chaudhary Nisar

Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar has mentioned that PML-N has played the part of democratic opposition during 4 years but Zardari’s remarks about Sharif family don’t suit a President. He was discussing with the journalists at the marriage ceremony of his nephewat Dhallian village.

The part of PML-N remained democratic on every issue either it’s independence of judiciary or increase in price of oil and GST.“Democracy doesn’t mean to topple a govt on gunpoint and beat your opponent with sticks. Coming on the streets wouldn’t resolve the issues ”, he added. Chaudhary Nisar says that every child of the country is criticising President Zardari for his address, which he delivered at Lahore in which he used awful words against the top command of PML-N.

Chaudhary Nisar said that Zardari did nothing extraordinary during last 4 years. Whenever the country faced any hard time, he used to cover in the Presidency or run out of the country.When worst ever floods hit Pakistan, he went to Britain for an outing. When strike was conducted on Pakistan‘s area, he praised America.

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  • hamza

    It is hilarious that PML-N on one hand crying for political role of agencies while covertly using them to garner their votes. How double faces these double brothers have. This is the real face of PML-N, where is rant of Chaudhry Nisar now, where the politics of morality by Mian Sahib has died now, Why Khadm-e-Aala is mum on this issue. PML-N is a group of political chameleon, never ever trustable. PML-N on one hand enjoying perks and privileges by occupying the top seats in Punjab while bashing Government on national level, if they were sincere to this nation, why they did not quit Punjab Assembly But problem is that Had they left Punjab Govt, they would not have been able to terrorize their political opponents in Punjab. Even now, they would resign only from National Assembly after the budget 2012 but not from the Punjab assembly till the last day.