Raja Riaz eyes opposition Leader slot in Punjab Assembly

PML-Q leader Chaudhary Zaheeruddin and  Leader of the Opposition in PA  tendered his resignation to the PA Speaker make it possible for Raja Riaz to adopt this particular position, as the latter had laid his maintain on the position after separation of PML-N and PPP alliance in Punjab.

Riaz met PA Speaker  in his chambers and posted to him an official petition relating to allotment of chairs to associates of PPP’s Parliamentary party on the Opposition seats.  Raja Riaz  also given one more file to Rana Muhammad Iqbal  bearing signatures of his party MPAs who had selected him as Head of the Opposition.

After this movement, Zaheeruddin reconciled as Opposition head and delivered his resignation to the PA Speaker quoting state of Raja Riaz on the says office. Secretary PA informed that Speaker will take steps on Chaudhary Zaheeruddin’s resignation and Raja Riaz’s approach in the forthcoming days.

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