Punjab Govt imposed curfew in violence-hit Rawalpindi

Punjab govt clamped a curfew in Rawalpindi on Friday midnight in the wake of sectarian issues, which killed 10 persons and left another 37 injured, a government’s spokesperson said. As per the spokesperson of the Punjab govt, curfew has been imposed in the garrison city to stop the tense situation.


The curfew would remain effective until the situation comes back to normal. The request for curfew was Rawalpindi Commissioner in the wake of violent clashes between 2 rival groups. Tension started when Muharram procession allegedly came under fire at Raja Bazaar. Following the firing, a few enraged individuals set many stores on fire and pelted stones at security forces.

Protesters haven’t just stopped firing brigade cars, they also clashed with the police. The army was called in to manage the situation.

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