Punjab Forward Bloc eyes PML-N tickets in elections

To make sure PML-N seat tickets in the upcoming general elections, a team of Unification bloc of PML-Q in PA has made a decision not to become a component of strength in the state besides giving up spots in the provincial govt.The next faction within the Forward Bloc is satisfied over this particular verdict and may make a decision one more politics tactic later on according to the forthcoming politics situation.

Sources in the Unification Bloc aware of the changes of thin profile of bloc people in the conference summoned by Dr Tahir, parliamentary head of the Unification bloc, informed this scribe on yesterday that a number of the bloc planning on hard opposition from the PML-N politicians hailing from their own constituencies about giving of party seat tickets to the people of unification bloc, have made a decision not to join provincial govt to exert demand on the PML-N management to make sure seat tickets in an upcoming polls.

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  • Fawad Naqvi

    What low standard and shame politics of PML-N on accepting turn coats and those peoples was part and parcel of Mush Govt.? Is this called Politics of high moral ground?/ Is this a politics of honesty. These PMLQ members defeated PML-N candidates in Elections and now PML-N is accepting them. Even after decades of exile, PML-N’s leadership did not learn a lesson. It is true that PML-N has no more a majority party in their own province Punjab. Even they don’t have members to show majority. How hilarious is it the level of popularity of PML-N? One wonders that a party even having insufficient members in their own province, how can won next elections?. We must admit that it is the only PPP that is the party of federation and have strong roots in all the provinces.