PTI to wait for SC final judgment: Imran Khan

The PTI chief Imran Khan said the party don’t want to oust the govt till the appeal in PM Gilani’s contempt case was pending before the apex court. In a press interview, Imran Khan mentioned ousting the govt before the final judgment of the SC will again provide an opportunity to the govt to stage the drama of ‘martyrdom’.

PTI chief said if the SC refused the appeal of the PM, then the tsunami march of the PTI will force the govt to quit power. He said the rulers have no values, and the resistance of the PM after his sentence was shameful. Coming hard on the PML-N, Imran Khan mentioned the party was still indulging in ‘Nura Kushti’ by not resigning from the assemblies. He said the PTI will hold discussions with the PML-N only if it ‘clears’ itself.

Imran said the PTI and the entire country stands by the apex court. He said the govt and its cronies wouldn’t be allowed to ruin the Supreme Court.

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