PTI to sweep general elections: Imran Khan

PTI leader Imran Khan said that his party will sweep the upcoming general polls in Pakistan. Youths in the thousands are backing the PTI and once the electoral activity sets in, folks will see the party following, as they want change and his party is this change, adding the same will be seen in the polls, Imran Khan mentioned in an interview to a US-based news channel.

Use of force affords no strategy to any problem, as minds and hearts of the people will have to be won over for an end to terrorism, he asserted.The PTI leader demanded the missile attacks be ceased forthwith.

Commenting on the American presidential elections, Imran Khan said, “I want an anti-war president. I have prayed for President Obama because I wanted him to halt this madness called the war on terror.”

However, he noted he wishes success for the candidate who can stop the war on terror.

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