PTI to submit petition in ECP against Nawaz Sharif

PTI chief, Imran Khan has made a decision to approach Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), seeking PM Nawaz Sharif’s ineligiblity to hold his office. As per PTI spokesman, the party would submit an application to the ECP today to get Nawaz Sharif’s nomination documents, and later a petition would be registered for his disqualification.

Nawaz Sharif

As per PTI, PM Nawaz Sharif is convicted in Asghar Khan case, and convicted individual can’t hold the public office. Except this, he did an agreement with former President Musharraf for Ten years in exile but later he refused to offer and came back to country early.

As per PTI, He (Nawaz Sharif) lied to country and therefore he doesn’t qualify for the public position under the article 62, 63 of the constitution.

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