PTI’s popularity declines, PML-N’s up: IRI Survey

PTI which was close to the peak of its popularity graph, has gone down, while PML-N has taken over the top place. This has been disclosed by the International Republican Institute (IRI) Survey, which was conducted by taking the views of 6,000 people from different parts of the society about political groups and the public issues during July-August period. To a query if elections for the national assembly are held next week, then which party would they vote for?

28 % of the people responded that they would vote for ML-N, 24 % for PTI, 14 % for PPP and 3 % for MQM. If this compared with the IRI February survey outcomes, then the PML-N’s popularity has improved by 3.7 %, while the PTI’s popularity has significantly dropped down by 22.6 % and that of PPP by 12.5 %.  The responses to this very question if taken province-wise then PML-N is number one in Punjab, as 43 % people have said they’d vote for PML-N, 27 % for PTI and 7 % for PPP. As against last Feb survey, here also PML-N support has increased, as their voters rose to 43 % from 41 %, while PTI’s dropped to 27 % from 33 % and those of PPP dropped to 7 % from 9 %.

79 % people vowed to cast their votes in the next elections, 12 % people don’t want to vote, while 6 % aren’t yet fully prepared.

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  • Sehrish

    Shareefs and their development promises are all election gimmicks. They got many terms but no solid step to improve governance and law and order. They are now limited to one province and will soon further cornered. Their family based politics will soon bring PMLN to its natural demise. Where are our beloved PML-N mascots and fan boys now? Do you think we’ve forgotten who was in power in Punjab in the last 5 years? Performance speaks louder than surveys.

  • asif ali

    I love pml-n